Why Vietnam is the perfect place for digital nomads

Why Vietnam is the perfect place for digital nomads

Traveling and working at the same time sounds like heaven for most people. Just the fact that there’s opportunities for you to earn money online is incredible. You don’t have to sit in an office from nine to five anymore – why not take the office to the beach instead? That’s what many so called “digital nomads” do these days. If you’ve just started, you might find it tricky to earn enough money back home, but that’s why most people tend to go to countries such as Mexico or Thailand, which are known to be affordable countries to stay in. But if we can personally recommend a country to go to if you’re a digital nomad, it’s Vietnam. Here’s why:

There’s WiFi everywhere

As a person who’s dependent on good internet and access to it at all times, you need to choose your country wisely. Imagine being stuck on an island with really bad WiFi and a deadline – now that’s a nightmare! But luckily, the WiFi is available and really good. It all, of course, depends on where you go, but you’ll find that most places in Vietnam has fast internet. Even in Phu Quoc, the island outside of Ho Chi Minh City, had much better connection than mainland Philippines. If you want to go to a country with reliable internet, you should visit Vietnam.

It’s very cheap to live here


Whether you’re earning a lot of money, or have just gotten started and gets paid fairly little, you’ll find that you’ll go far with your money here. Everything is quite cheap in Vietnam. If you plan on staying in the bigger cities such as Hanoi, you might splurge a bit more, simply because there’s more to do (and accommodation tends to be higher too!). But if you go to smaller cities such as Da Nang or Hai Phong, the prices will be much less and you can save even more money while still enjoying the country.

There’s so many places you can go to

When it comes to tourist spots, there’s an abundance of them. But the same goes for the person who’s looking to settle down in a place for a bit longer. Da Nang especially is a city that’s on the rise for digital nomads, with beautiful little town Hoi An as its neighbor. If you’re looking for a bigger city, go to Ho Chi Minh, the city that never sleeps. There’s a growing expat community there so you’ll find both lots of modern cafés and people you can meet up with. Don’t be afraid to go to places that are a bit more off the beaten track too.

Food is incredible

Wherever you settle down in the world, make sure you can get a hold of good food. In order for you to have enough energy to get through another day of work, you need to eat well. Unfortunately, not all places in the world has such tasty food as they do in Vietnam – and for a very cheap price as well! Make sure to try some staple foods such as “pho”, “Banh Mi”, “banh xeo”, etc. The Vietnamese kitchen is usually healthy and very flavorful, with lots of vegetables and fruits.

It’s easy to get a visa

No one wants to go through a difficult visa process (or an expensive one!). But thankfully, acquiring a Vietnam visa is anything but difficult. You can either get an online visa, which most travelers prefer, or go to your local or nearest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate and apply with them. If you opt for the online visa, you only need to fill out a form, wait for your visa confirmation letter and when you have it, print it out so you can show the immigration officers. Just follow some easy steps and you’ll have your visa in no time!

Vietnam is beautiful


Come here for the beauty of the country too, not just because it’s cheap. It’s one of the most mesmerizing countries in Asia and that’s why so many foreigners choose to spend their holidays here. If you want to get inspired, you’ve come to the right place. There’s pristine beaches, magical landscapes, a fascinating culture, big cities, charming towns, quiet lifestyles and more busy ones. There’s something for everyone here! Just remember to take in all the beauty that the country has to offer. You might even stay for longer than you intended.

And finally – it’s safe


While we carry around our laptops from cafe to cafe, we don’t really wanna have to worry about getting robbed all the time. Although it might not be the safest of the bunch, it’s still a country you can easily travel around in without feeling unsafe. And that’s perhaps one of the best things about being a digital nomad in Vietnam. Always – safety first!

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